Congress of the GSS '93

begun and held in the City of West Milford, on Wednesday the Fifteenth of December, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three

Article the arcsin (1)... Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of a new state of matter; or reducing the freedom of temporal shifting, or changing the frictional coefficient, or reducing the mass of an already existing entity.

Article the 2.71828... A well-regulated intestine, being necessary for the security of the State, shall be maintained, and the rights of citizens to keep and bear legs shall not be denied.

Article the 3.14159... No lepton shall, in time-space or Elsewhere be halved in any manner, without the prior consent of Phyllis and Harry.

Article the William Clyde Kilmer iv... The right of the people to know the pages in James Clavell's Shogun shall not be denied.

Article the 5... The right of a quick, but not more than 0.99c, trial shall not be denied; in criminal matters involving an amount greater than 20 MeV, a trial by a jury of mesons shall be required. At no time may a particle, physical or fictional, be charged twice under the same potential.

Article the 6... Excessive gravity shall not be formed, nor cruel and unusual electromagnetic waves generated.

Article the 7... All powers not specifically delegated to the Assemblies or to the general states of matter, are reserved to the individual.

Article the 8... The Articles mentioned in the above section shall take effect upon the measurement of both the momentum and displacement of a test particle at any given time.

Robert Hausmann, Speaker of the Assembly, and Dorm Director

Dr. James "Jim" Supplee, Director for the School