In Solidarity, August 14, 1993,

The Proclamation of Separation from these Physical Worlds.

Being of sound mind and body, and not of the People, this declaration assures that all were created equal, and that not four score and seven years ago, but rather five millennia and some billion years ago, this world was created. Through this time, the beings of this said world were ruled with an iron thumb by a non-physical, physics loving entity. Often confused with the Divine, this entity has generated acts to prevent our expression of rights among which are levitation, altered temporal translation, and conduction.

We have, upon our lives, decided to a separation from this physical world, and with the utmost mass-acceleration, do declare the formation of a new state. To secure itself, the entity has needed the creation of the physical, and upon this matter, has engaged in affairs of violence, greed, and destruction.

For many millennia, this force has prevented us from freedoms allowed only in our dreams. That it has controlled our lives and that this force has maintained a tyrannical hold over the world is no secret.

It has caused our food to fall.

It has kept ourselves from removing ourselves from this temporal path of our ancestors.

It has prevented people from going through each other.

It has caused us to become personally acquainted with the windshield.

It has restrained our vehicles from skidding on clean roads.

It has consorted with the atmosphere, in order to generate an unnecessary consumption of oxygen.

It has created cold snow.

It has passed unjust legislation guaranteeing power to the forces of electricity.

It has prohibited the formation of liquid gases.

It has established a speed maximum of three hundred million meters per second.

For these reasons, and many not fit to print, we, ourselves, and us, do form a united group against the Physical Laws, and therefore alienate ourselves from this method of existence and generate our own reality in the livelihood of a new state, where Physics does not abound.